About us

Welcome to ZIPPANDER, a meeting place for people who loves affordable and practical home and living products. We focus on home decor and furniture, travel, pets and fun gadgets.  Our objective is to
offer unique pieces which can change your way of looking at the world, help you express yourself or give your home, trips and pets character. 

By working without middlemen we can minimize design, production and distribution costs. Thanks to this unbeatable strategy, we have solved the puzzle on how to offer maximum quality products at such competitive prices.

We are a Finnish company with warehouses in Germany and Spain. Our products remain affordable when you wait for delivery times, which usually range from 14-30 days.

ZIPPANDER.com is managed by Pohjolan Pyriitti Oy and is located at:
Pirkankatu 55, 33230  TAMPERE TUUSULA, Finland.
Contact: info [at] zippander.com